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2009 Instruction 5500
available for filing and, therefore, are not posted on the IRS website. For plan years . Certain Employee Plan Returns, to their Form 5500 filing or an. • A new . plans provide benefits such as medical, dental, life insurance, welfare benefit .

Form 5500 Filing Tips
Aug 2, 2011 . The type of plan or DFE filing the Form 5500 determines who is required to . Although EINs are obtained from the IRS, the plan sponsor/employer or plan . Fringe benefit plans are often associated with ERISA group health .,,id=110293,00.html

FAQs for government entities regarding Cafeteria Plans
Apr 4, 2012 . A town has a cafeteria plan which offers health care benefits to . If you only have a cafeteria plan, you are not required to file Form 5500 or .,,id=112720,00.html

IRS Form 5500
Service (IRS) each year using a Form. 5500. Certain Schedules must also be completed based on whether the plan is subject to . 5500's for health, welfare, .

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Form 5500 Filing Requirements - Welfare Benefit Plans (Insurance ...
Employers sponsoring welfare benefit plans ("insurance plans" i.e. health etc.) may be failing to comply with IRS Form 5500 filing requirements. Failure to file .

Compliance Assistance Main Page
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) amended . Contact Center at 1-866-628-HCTC or visit the HCTC website at . 2009 Form 5500 Schedule C FAQs - The purpose of these FAQs is to .

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IRS 5500 and IRS 990 Plans | Head Start of Lane County
IRS Form 5500 for the Head Start of Lane County cafeteria plan is due March 31. . Welfare Benefit covers the employee health, dental, life and AD&D insurance .